Walk Through River North With Stronger, More Shapely Glutes This Summer

The Two Overlooked Ingredients for a Better Butt Workout

Is your butt not looking the way you’d like? Maybe you’re missing 2 often overlooked key ingredients when you’re training your glutes?

It’s the same old story.

Someone walks into a gym in search of the perfect booty.

They’ve read articles, watched videos on YouTube, followed fit pro influencers, and consulted with local trainers but nothing seems to work.

Each resource seems to have their own distinct “twist” but they all are basically using the same exercises and providing the same recomendations.

If you’re not careful, these trainers and influencers might start making you think there’s something wrong with you if you’re not getting the amazing results that they claim.

Trust me, it’s more them that’s the problems than you.

The Two Missing Ingredients

Most of their programs are missing 2 very important ingredients.

1. Posture and alignment
2. Lengthening your glute muscles under tension

Posture and Alignment

First I’d like to quickly touch on why posture and alignment are so important.

Most of us, basically all of us, tend to support ourselves with our neck, back, and hip flexors as we sit and stand throughout the day.

This tends to take away most of the need for our core, hamstrings, and glutes.

Because we have a very strong habit of using our neck, back, and hips we’re not likely to use our core, hamstrings or butt even when doing glute focused exercises.

There are steps that should be taken to help adjust our posture and alignment so that we can better use our glutes during booty exercises.

If you’d like to know how check out a sample of my better butt program on YouTube and see for yourself.

Now lets address the second missing glute strengthening and toning ingredient, lengthening those muscles under tension.

Lengthening Your Glute Muscles Under Tension

A lot of the exercises used in your typical booty programs are things like kickbacks and band walks or banded squats and hip thrusts.

There’s nothing technically wrong with these exercises but they do all have something in common.

They train your butt muscles to shorten and tighten. This can lead to tight hps, a tight back and glutes that do not look full, shapely and toned.

This strategy is also not ideal if you’re looking to grow your glutes.

Instead you want to choose exercises that load the glutes in a more lengthened position.

You can find some examples of this in the YouTube glute exercise video I mentioned previously above.

Final Thoughts

So now that you know the 2 missing ingredients to a superior glute building, strengthening, and shaping workout and you have a sample of my better butt program go and practice it and let me know what you think.

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