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How You can get better fitness results without changing much

Change is hard…

especially if you’re stuck as:

Someone that works out regularly but seems to keep hitting plateaus?

Someone that seems to keep “starting over”. You often start an exercise program but always seem to stop.

Someone that has trouble getting starting with an exercise routine.

On one side we crave change.  We want to change the way we look and the way we feel. 

On the other side we don’t want to change the behaviors require to change the way we look and feel.

As you may see, there’s a conflict here. You really can’t get one without the other. 

Or can you??? I think you can! 

Change less to get more results

You’re probably already doing a lot of the right things, you just need to “tweak” HOW you’re doing them.

Most people take an all or nothing approach. They need to see and feel like they’re changing in order to feel accomplished. This sets them up for failure in the long run.

Most of us can endure a decent amount of discomfort as long as we know there’s an end in site. This is the problem with weightloss challenges and bootcamps or crash diets and cleanses. The people who are participating them are doing so with an anticipation of finishing. Once the challenge or cleanse is done they have no more motivation and no plan to continue with their fitness intervention.

This leads these people to going back to their old lifestyles and habits and sees them lose all the progress they made plus some.

Others seem to think that they need to change so much that they get overwhelmed before even starting.

Instead, lets change less up front.

This makes changing easier. So easy you may not feel like you’re doing enough. But you are!!

This will lead to less resistance, less overwhelm and less burn out. You’ll also be less likely to run back to the comfort of your old lifestyle and habits.

Frozen at the starting line

Are you someone that has trouble getting starting with an exercise routine? 

If you’re like a lot of other “stuck” people you’re probably comparing your current self to the perfect fitness version of yourself and that’s not fare. Remember the bigger, more drastic the change the less likely it is to be sustainable long term. You’re better off starting slow and building up.

Picture where you’d like be be in 1 year or two years instead of 1 or 2 months. Then pick and practice the behaviors you think will help you get there.

Are you constantly starting your workout routine over and over?

Are you someone that seems to keep “starting over”?

You start exercising or eating healthy but for some reason always seem to stop?

Something lights a fire under you prompting you to “get in shape”. You go all in but motivation starts to fade and life gets busy and you quickly fall back into the stopping part of your fitness pattern.

A little planning is all you need.

Plan what you’re going to do when motivation fades or things get tough so that you don’t stop all together. It’s inevitable that you’ll go through times where you miss workouts or have meals that are less than healthy.  If you plan out how you are going to handle these times you’re less likely to turn one missed workout or bad meal into complete failure and quit.

Once you break the cycle of quitting once, it will get easy to not quit the next time.

Do you work out but feel burnt out?

Are you someone that works out regularly but seems to keep hitting plateaus? You seem to be doing all of the right things but you’re not getting the results you should?

You may just need to change HOW you’re doing things.  This could be changes in the types of workouts, your form or technique, frequency or intensity.

It’s not uncommon for people to be “doing all the right things” in the wrong way.

Working out at too high of intensities too often can leave your body burnt out and depleted. 

Using poor form and technique can have you doing the right exercises but training the wrong muscle groups. It can also leave you in pain and injured.

Getting to much cardio into your workouts without enough strength training can have you losing muscle and holding onto fat.

Everyone is different. You’d benefit from knowing what types of workouts and how to workout in the ways thats best for your body. This way you’re not wasting time and money doing things that aren’t helping you reach your goals.


In conclusion, if we want to change in a specific way it will take some effort. However, it’s probably not as much as you think. You’re already doing most things right so stop making changing so complicated.  Start by tweaking a few of the things you’re already doing and let the momentum from that do the rest.

Knowing what to change is the hardest part. If you’d like help putting some of these ideas into action I do complimentary consultations. You’ll walk away with an idea of what to do next and how to do it.

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