A More affordable personal training option in Chicago’s River North

Personal training is great… but expensive

Getting “fit” can be hard. Staying “fit“ can be even harder.

It can be expensive too. 

What if I told you that getting and staying fit would be easier by hiring a personal trainer?

You might say, “But that’s very expensive”  and you’d be correct.

Small group personal training is more affordable

Have you ever considered small group personal training??  It’s usually about 1/2 the cost with all the benefits plus a few perks you don’t get with personal training.

Unfortunately it’s not always easy to find because 1 on 1 training and large group (more than 6 to an instructor) fitness reign supreme but…

If you live in or around River North Chicago you’re in luck.

The Better Butt & Body Lab

The Better Butt & Body Lab offers small group (5 or less members per trainer) personal training at 314 west Superior st. and is run by coach Ryan Thomas. 

Coach Ryan has been transforming people in the River north areas bodies and lifestyles for over 16 years.

These groups are for all levels. They focus on fat loss, strength and mobility gains, and posture, all while providing a growth minded and motivational environment for its members so you can thrive.

Learn More

If you’d like some more information to see if this small group personal training would be a good fit for you, book a free, no selling consultation using this link HERE.

This may just be the missing piece to your health & fitness puzzle.

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