Who is small group training ideal for?

Small group training is ideal for individuals who prefer a more personalized and interactive fitness experience. It is great for people who enjoy the social aspect of working out and benefit from the motivation and accountability of exercising with others. Small group training can be suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, as exercises can be modified to accommodate different abilities and goals. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one personal training, while still providing individualized attention and guidance.

Small group training Motivates and inspires

You’ve had enough! 6 push ups is better than none, right!?

But you can’t help but hear Jackie groaning next to you. Her face is red and there’s sweat dripping off of her nose. The word “TEN” pries its way out of her mouth. She plops on the floor in relief.

You roll your eyes and get back into position and squeeze out 2 more push ups.

This is one example of motivation and accountability you can find in a small group fitness setting. Tomorrow YOU may be the one motivating someone. Chris to try a little harder because he’s seeing you give your all. Ashley to show up because she loves the little chats you and her have about your children and their crazy antics.

These are valuable tools you don’t get when working out by yourself, with a personal trainer 1 on 1, and rarely in a large group setting.

This type of accountability and motivation could be the difference between you training 12 times a month or 9 or you just showing up instead of getting the most out of your time and money.

Small group training maximizes results for all fitness levels

small group personal training session

“You do a push up. You do a push up from your knees. You do a push up with a small weight on your back and you do one with dumbbells in your hands.”

Everyone is doing push ups but each push up is adjusted to match that persons needs and ability’s.

When you participate in a small group personal training session the trainer has the ability to modify and adjust exercises so that everyone gets a similar workout no matter what level of fitness you are at.

This helps people avoid plateaus and stay injury free while progressing towards their fitness goals.

Small group training is a cost effective and powerful alternative to personal training

Small group training typically costs about half of what 1 on 1 training costs.

At $30 to $70 a session for small group training compared to $80 to $150 a session for 1 on 1 training in Chicago’s River North area you’re getting a 40% to 60% discount for a similar product.

The nice thing about being more affordable is that more people can afford to participate and they can participate more frequently.

1 on 1 training is very expensive, especially if you want to do it frequently and consistently. A very small percentage of the population can afford this.

By participating in a small group training program you will be able to save money and attend more frequently. A higher frequency of training will help you achieve results at a much faster rate.

Small group training near me

If you live in or near River North Chicago and are interested in learning more about our small group training programs click the link below. You can schedule a phone call or in person consultation to discuss your fitness goals and your next steps required to achieve them. We will give you our 100% honest opinion wether it involves working with us or not.

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