We offer many training sessions throughout the week! Please click HERE for our current schedule.

You will have your challenging training days here in the gym with us. Adding additional lower level fitness activities could be a bonus for you.

  • Going for long walks
  • Biking
  • Cardio Machines
  • Group classes

We do not have “cookie cutter” programs! After a free personal training session we will assess your goals and create a custom program based on your ability level and any pain or injuries. Most of our programs include four separate training days (workouts) that you will perform.

Most of our programs are 24 total sessions. After that we will design a new program to chase improvement.

You do not need to know or remember the program. A trainer will always be with you to guide you through each workout.

While we don’t take the place of physical therapists, we are very familiar with working with clients who have pain. We will never force you to workout through pain or make you do exercises you are not comfortable with. Due to our custom programs for all members, any current pain will already be factored in to the exercises we choose for you. Our staff is also highly knowledgeable and can make modifications day by day as needed.

All adults that workout at Pratt Performance want to look better. Challenging resistance training needs to play a vital role in your journey to get lean. The purpose of lifting weights is not to get bulky, it is to be strong enough to handle life’s activities and have enough muscle to achieve a lean physique.

Although all fitness activities have some risk, we try to put you in the best position possible to train for the long-haul. It is difficult to improve your fitness if you are always hurt. We would like everyone to get stronger safely. High-risk activities do not have a place in our adult programs

With our unlimited membership, some members are paying as low as $15/session. We have different membership and package options. Reach out today to learn more about our different opportunities and pricing!

NO! Unlike other gyms we do not have long-term contracts. If at any point you decide you no longer want the service or if life changes and you cant make it to the gym, you can cancel at any time!

Ready to take charge of your fitness?

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